Construction Update: Spruce Railroad Trail Reopened

October 20th, 2014

The Spruce Railroad Trail (SRRT), along the north shore of Lake Crescent, reopened at the Lyre River Trailhead/East Beach Road access as of October 20. It had been closed since early August for widening and regrading on the first 1,600 feet. Two new bridges were also installed.

This is the first phase of paving the remaining four miles of the SRRT. The next construction phase will take place in fall 2015. When complete, the SRRT will allow road cyclists to bypass Highway 101 around the lake.

Thanks to trail user Jay Cline for taking these photos of the new construction (click images for full-size view):

New trailhead for the Spruce Railroad Trail as of October 20, 2014.

New trailhead for the Spruce Railroad Trail.

One of the two new bridges installed on the Spruce Railroad Trail.

One of the two new bridges that were installed.

The trail is now wider and flatter and features a temporary crushed-gravel surface.

The trail is now wider and flatter and features a temporary crushed-gravel surface.

Photographs courtesy of Jay R. Cline

Register for the 2014 Turkey Trot 5K

September 25th, 2014

Register On-Line Here

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Save the Date: Saturday, November 22nd, for the 3rd annual Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk on the Larry Scott Trail (eastern end of the ODT) in beautiful Port Townsend.

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Updated LSMT Map

September 3rd, 2014

LSMT Map BH2MC     ODT Disco Bay Map


An updated map is now available for the Larry Scott Trail – the eastern end of the ODT in Jefferson County, from Port Townsend to the Milo-Curry Trailhead near the intersection of 4 Corners Rd. and Hwy. 20.

Trail and Local Events

May 20th, 2014

Events at the Audubon Center at Railroad Bridge Park in Sequim

RiverFest on the Dungeness River


The 2013 Dungeness River Festival was held held on Friday and Saturday, September 27 and 28, at Railroad Bridge Park, along the Olympic Discovery Trail, in Sequim. Admission was free, but donations are appreciated to support the Audubon River Center and the Park. Next year’s dates will appear on this page as they are released.

The Tour de Lavender, a Peddle Power Weekend

The second annual Tour de Lavender weekend was held on August 2 and 3, 2014, and included a metric century plus ride (75 miles), a family fun ride (up to 35 miles) and a raffle for a new road bike. The annual Ride the Hurricane (the bicycle climb to Hurricane Ridge) on August 3 was also a part of the weekend events. Partial proceeds from the Tour de Lavender will benefit the Peninsula Trails Coalition and the Olympic Discovery Trail. For more information: 360-681-7532,

Longest Day of Trails Fun Run

The Summer Solstice was celebrated in Port Townsend on Sunday, June 22nd, with the Longest Day of Trails 5K Run.  The start time was 10:00AM, and the route began at the Port Townsend boatyard waterfront at Hwy. 20 (Sims Wy.) and Haines Pl. and followed the beautiful Larry Scott Memorial Trail, the eastern end of the Olympic Discovery Trail.  Parking was available at the Haines Park and Ride lot across from Sims Way (near Safeway).  There was also a bike ride (free) starting 2:00PM at the boatyard and covering the full length (and return) of the LSMT.  Questions?  Jeff Selby at 360-531-2370.

Our sponsors for the Longest Day of Trails Run:   QFC, Hadlock; Good Sports, Hadlock; Evergreen Fitness, Port Townsend; Jefferson Healthcare, Port Townsend; Metro Bagels, Port Townsend; The Food Co-Op, Port Townsend.

GO! LSMT Logo Sign

LDoT Sox Longest Day of Trails

On a beautiful day at the waterfront in Port Townsend a record turnout of runners and walkers enjoyed the 5th annual event.

Place (Gender) Name 5K Time Mile Pace

0. (M) Boston Huntingford (2, in stroller) 18:28 5:58
1. (M) Shawn Weigl (32) 18:29 5:58
2. (M) Mark Street (17) 21:45 7:01
3. (M) William Kenneweg (59) 22:23 7:13
4. (M) Joe Ramirez (29) 22:31 7:15
5. (F) Dawn Streett (52) 23:49 7:41
6. (M) Gilles Mougel (59) 24:13 7:49
7. (F) Chelsea Hamm (23) 24:18 7:50
8. (M) Mihael Shiach (63) 24:29 7:54
9. (M) Brandon Huntingford (31) 25:26 8:12
10. (F) Brie Van Cleve (35) 25:28 8:13
11. (M) David Sheldon (53) 25:52 8:21
12. (F) Shannon Kelley (33) 25:55 8:22
13. (M) Jake Meyer (67) 26:18 8:29
14. (M) Ben Mougel (29) 26:21 8:30
15. (F) Teresa Barron (62) 26:22 8:30
16. (F) Emily Vagts (30) 26:31 8:33
17. (F) Amy Petrotta (57) 26:38 8:35
18. (M) Robert Foster (58) 27:00 8:42
19. (F) Joyce Foster (60) 27:05 8:44
20. (F) Emily Glenn (13) 27:06 8:45
21. (M) Mike Glenn (52) 27:42 8:56
22. (F) Kari Tyson (41) 28:27 9:11
23. (F) Tashina Cavasoz (32) 28:28 9:11
24. (F) Sarah Foerchinger (36) 30:14 9:45
25. (F) Lisa Pedrey (34) 30:25 9:49
26. (F) Joel Lewis (35) 30:25 9:49
27. (F) Mary Burke (53) 30:47 9:56
28. (F) Leslie Wake (62) 31:01 10:00
29. (F) Candy Harper (61) 31:02 10:00
30. (F) Justine Slimp (28) 31:12 10:04
31. (F) Payton Slimp (3) 31:42 10:14
32. (M) Bruce Huntingford (51) 32:03 10:20
33. (M) Fred Weinmann (70) 32:45 10:34
34. (F) Peggy Tonan (64) 33:11 10:42
35. (M) Dennis Kelly (65) 33:17 10:44
36. (F) Vanessa Herold (33) 34:27 11:07
37. (F) Niama Prossor (55) 36:14 11:41
38. (F) Vivian Shiagh (58) 36:31 11:47
39. (F) Karen Crouse (73) 37:28 12:05
40. (M) Gary Lockwood (70) 38:36 12:27
41. (F) Kathleen Vasques (57) 40:00 12:54
42. (F) Gina Albright (35) 40:00 12:54
43. (F) Sarah Wright (30) 41:02 13:14
44. (F) Makena Slimp (4) 41:06 13:15
45. (F) Brittany Huntingford (28) 41:07 13:16
46. (F) Krystal Slimp (35) 42:18 13:39
47. (M) John Mackey (43) 43:23 14:00
48. (F) Sarah Bacica (60) 43:24 14:00
49. (M) Ivan Bacica (60) 43:58 14:11
50. (M) Jim McClallum (71) 47:04 15:11
51. (F) Michelle Haines (53) 51:15 16:32
52. (M) John Tonan (66) 51:35 16:38
53. (F) Paula Dowdle (58) 51:35 16:38
54. (F) Joyce Cardinal (68) 51:45 16:42
55. (F) Jeannette Hundley (46) 51:46 16:42
56. (F) Peggy Johnson (58) 51:47 16:42
57. (F) Amber Benner (50) 52:56 17:05
58. (F) Sharon Bodkin (71) 52:56 17:05
59. (F) Carole Franklin (72) 52:58 17:05
60. (F) Kate Deslauriers (61) 53:49 17:22
61. (F) Tina Silberman (60) 54:53 17:42
62. (F) Breanne Huntingford (5) 54:54 17:43
63. (F) Brenda Huntingford (51) 54:59 17:44
64. (F) Anita Edwards (63) 56:52 18:21
65. (F) Rose Horvath (76) 1:01:44 19:55

North Olympic Discovery Marathon

North Olympic Discovery Marathon on the ODT

North Olympic Discovery Marathon on the ODT

The 12th annual North Olympic Discovery Marathon was held on the Olympic Discovery Trail on June 1, 2014.  Details for the 2015 run will be posted as they are released.

This race has been termed the best boutique marathon in North America and draws runners from across the country and beyond.  The Marathon and Half-Marathon are run on a unique point-to-point course that incorporates the Olympic Discovery Trail – with stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and a five mile finishing stretch along the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

See the race website for details and registration.

2014 New Year’s Day Discovery Fun Run/Walk

The 2nd Annual New Years Discovery 10K Run/Walk was held at the Discovery Bay Golf Course and included a beautiful 10K course through the fairways connecting to the southern end of the Larry Scott Trail.  The famous and fashionable knit NYD10K running beanie was available to all participants.  Prizes and ribbons were awarded to the top three finishers in each gender/age group, and all celebrated with post-race food and drink.

Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered to help make this another great event. See you all in 2015! 2014 Top 3 Finishers

Start 2014

Top 3 2014 NYD10K Finishers

Adventure Travel Slide Show Series

Every winter the Peninsula Trails Coalition presents a series of slide shows featuring travel to exotic places, often including adventures in hiking, bicycling, or kayaking. Over the past decade the shows have visited almost every corner of the globe. Presenters are a mix of travel professionals and local folks with the skills and daring to explore the unusual. Currently the PTC offers 4 shows in January in Port Angeles and 8 shows in Feb – March in Sequim. The suggested donation is $5 (kids free) which supports volunteer work on the trail. The slide shows have concluded for the 2014 season.  The 2015 season will be revealed as the list beomes available.

Olympic Adventure Trail Run

The 2nd annual OAT Run, on April 26, 2014 to benefit the Peninsula Trails Coalition and Backcountry Horsemen and with all spaces already filled, features the Adventure Route with half-marathon and 12K options. More information can be accessed at:


Volunteer Opportunities with the PTC

September 4th, 2013

The ODT is an ever-expanding trail with ever-expanding opportunities to help in its development and maintenance.  The Peninsula Trails Coalition welcomes volunteers to fill a variety of positions–from day and long-term project workers to trail section adopters to Board members and everything and anything in between. Contact the folks below to find your niche.

Interested in joining our Board? Contact Jeff Bohman 360-477-8881
Work parties? Chuck Preble 360-683-4549 or Gordon Taylor 360-452-2925
Trail adoption? Carrie Kalina 360-681-0420

New Horse Trail Turn-Around & Parking

June 28th, 2013

Horsemen: Soon you will have another access point to the Larry Scott Trail with a horse trailer turn-around and parking.
Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) Jeff. Co. Public Works asks that you not use the new parking area yet, as the packed gravel surface has just been laid down and compacted. It will need a couple of weeks or so to consolidate and harden enough to drive trucks and horse trailers on.

M-C Horse Gate
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Results of the Longest Day of Trails 10K Summer Solstice Run

June 26th, 2013
Results of the Longest Day of Trails 10K Summer Solstice Run:
The weather was anything but summer-like, but everyone who participated seemed to have a good time. Actually it was perfect running weather for the 6.2 mile out-and-back course on the Larry Scott Memorial Trail in Port Townsend.
Participants ranged in age from 10 years old to 74. Congratulations to all. All runners received a brightly colored pair of LDoT running socks and a redwood seedling. The first three finishers in each age/gender division received ribbons. A 15 mile bike ride was held in the afternoon as part of the celebration, covering the entire length of the trail finished to date, to the new Milo-Curry Rd. trailhead.

1. Don Young-49 (M) 39:11
2. Aubry Frantz-31 (F) 39:57
3. Michael Casella-Blackburn-55 (M) 40:47
4. Robert Bondurant-40 (M) 41:46
5. Kenneth Ward-25 (M) 43:31
6. Austin Khile-15 (M) 46:32
7. Joel Mackey-16 (M) 46:32
8. Randal Aldern-46 (M) 46:35
9. Todd Stevens-49 (M) 47:30
10. Steve Kellmyer-62 (M) 47:59
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The Waterfront Trail Is Now Open!

November 19th, 2012

Great news! As of May 2, 2013, the Waterfront Trail in Port Angeles is open to foot and bike traffic from Hollywood Beach in PA to Morse Creek. Only the egress to the Francis Street Park is still closed.

For more information the link to the City of PA Parks and Recreation Waterfront Trail site is and you can reach them by phone at (360) 417-4550.

Peninsula Trails Coalition Board’s Position on Olympic National Park’s Preferred Alternative #4

June 21st, 2012

Peninsula Trails Coalition (PTC) and Clallam County have been working with the National Park Service to establish an 11-mile route for a portion of the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT), a regional non-motorized transportation facility, through Olympic National Park (ONP) along the north shore of Lake Crescent–utilizing the decommissioned rail bed of the Spruce Railroad.  This effort has been ongoing for more than 15 years and has resulted in the construction of 7 miles of AASHTO- compliant shared-use pathway in the Park (Phase 1).

After the construction of Phase 1 in 2009, the ONP staff determined that the remaining four miles of pathway (Phase 2) would be the subject of an Environmental Assessment (EA) to examine the impact on the lakeshore.  The Spruce Railroad Trail (SRRT) EA was released in September 2011 and was subsequently withdrawn due to a number of safety and usability questions raised during public comment.

[The 2012 SRRT EA was released and available for review and comment until June 8, 2012.

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